Releasing a Brand New Jazz Album: Introducing to the World J Iammusic

Through her unparalleled talent in the music world and outstanding compositions in a number of genres, emerging artist J Iammusic is all set to win the hearts of music lovers around the world

Corona, New York – July 30th, 2021 – J Iammusic is an up-and-coming musician who has incredible excellence in the genre of Jazz, with considerate experience in a wide range of genres. She is a keyboard and bass player, composing and playing instrumental music for quite a while now. The talented artist has released a brand new album titled ‘Blue Horizon (The Other Side)’ on May 5th, 2021.

With the release of this album, J Iammusic is looking forward to get her sound out there and reach people all around the world for them to discover the rising artist and admire her musical capabilities. Releasing earlier this year in the month of May, ‘Blue Horizon (The Other Side)’ consists of a total of 10 tracks, all unique and creative in their own way. The main focus being Jazz, the album can be described as a creative mix of Funk, RnB, House, and various other styles of music. It is a keyboard driven album filled with multi-genre instrumental music. The music style can be described as happy go-to music, filled with themes of peace and positivity. It possesses the ability of taking the listeners to a place of happiness, tranquility, and a free zone.

Being a keyboard player as well as a bassist, J Iammusic is an extremely talented musician and artist in general. Having been composing instrumental music, the dedicated artist knows what she’s doing when it comes to excelling in her field of work and staying at the top of her craft. Something that makes her incredibly unique as an artist is the kind of music she produces. With an innovative blend of Funk, RnB, and House incorporated into the main focus of her music i.e. Jazz, J Iammusic makes her artistic individuality shine through her sound. Taking this sort of approach with music, it is safe to say that the emerging artist has found her sound and has been quite successful in making it stand out amongst other similar acts belonging to the same genres.

J Iammusic looks forward to continuing her musical journey, making more songs she’s passionate about and exploring herself even more so as an artist. She wants to tour the world and meet her devoted fans in hopes of motivating them along her journey to success.

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Native New Yorker, J Iammusic is a musician who has played keyboards and bass guitar for many local bands. She wrote and produced her debut instrumental CD titled ‘Da Music’. It is a blend of R&B, Funk, and Jazz.

After a long while of working and producing music, J Iammusic completed her second CD entitled ‘Blue Horizon (The Other Side)’, which was released earlier this year. Currently, the emerging artist is forming an all-female instrumental band, searching for a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and alto saxophonist.




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