More Than Just a Rock Song: The Dandelion Dream Brings Back Meaning to Music with “Give More Than You Take”

Saving lives in honor of Burton Sirota’s memory, The Dandelion Dream embraces the sweet, melancholic hues of Rock with an inspiring new release

La Jolla, CA — June 28th, 2022 – A Wire & Wood Recordings LTD act, The Dandelion Dream are reinventing the very spirit of Rock with their mesmerizing new single, “Give More Than You Take”. A single that goes beyond just compelling rhythms and song writing, “Give More Than You Take” is a step in the right direction and a testament to helping others and saving lives through cancer research.

The Dandelion Dream represent a journey that took root in the mind of prolific lyricist, Burton Sirota. In his last days, Burton Sirota began sharing his contemplative and thought-provoking life poetry with his peers, Jim Sampson, George Pinckney, and Steve Thompson. After his death, the three friends decided to adapt Burton’s words into music, and thus The Dandelion Dream was born.

With all proceeds from the sale of the song donated in Burton’s name to the cancer research organizations he cherished and supported, The Dandelion Dream are honoring the legacy of a man gone, but not forgotten.

Burton was an accomplished lyricist gifted with a keen observational sense, a natural and distinctive poetic flare, and a boldly vulnerable streak. A warm and generous spirit, Burton took the landmark decision of sharing his hidden creative talents with like-minded individuals after being tragically diagnosed with cancer.

Forever immortalized with the soulful and spirited work of art that is “Give More Than You Take”, Burton and his values, legacy, and quest to find life’s meaning remain everlasting. The poignant and serene tunes envelop listeners, portraying the feeling of gratitude, grace, and dignity for our earthly lives and the friendships we make along the way.

Echoing the character of the song, George Pinckney comments: “Burton would be smiling right now—he would love to be associated with this.”

Visit The Dandelion Dream’s website and buy the CD for the soul-stirring single, “Gove More Than You Take” for $10. All proceeds from sales will go to the charities that Burton Sirota believed and supported.




The Dandelion Dream is a musical collective which was created to preserve the legacy of Burton Sirota. Led by Jim Sampson on guitar and vocals, George Pinckney playing the piano, keyboard, and vocal, and vocalist-guitarist Steve Thompson, the group consists of lifelong friends of Burton.

The eclectic artists have worked to put Burton’s poetry to music resulting in the moving song, “Give More Than You Take”. The trio of musicians involved with The Dandelion Dream are something of Costa Mesa, California music all-stars. Jim performs and records as critically acclaimed San Diego-based singer-songwriter Oliver James.

Similarly, guitarist and vocalist Steve Thompson is best known for his early 1980s mod-punk revival band, The Jetz, but continues to remain vital and active today as a performer and a recording musician.

Meanwhile, keyboardist, vocalist, and producer George Pinckney runs the popular YouTube channel, Newport George.


The Dandelion Dream is a Wire & Wood Recordings LTD artist.
Name: Jim Sampson
Address: 6210 La Jolla Mesa Drive, La Jolla, CA
Phone: 917/940-2362




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