Marcelus The Artist Aim Is To Flip The World Out, Or Thumb Through Some Novel Like Flipping Pages Of His Novelties..

Glendale, CA — As Marcelus The Artist would state: “The Mind Is Worth The Passageway To Understand What Is Thought About, Or Illustrate What Was Unthinkable And Yet To Be Thought Of”-time is spared to witness what the jumble is about..

The yearn to scramble quotes and attract many to figure out what such puzzles means is grand to be amongst the ones who want to make sense out of what sparks great interest..

“The Themes In The Mind To Be Holding like They Are Frozen That Can Become Scenically, Majestically To Nature’s Surprise, It Can Come Flash Flooding Down Mountains, The Water In Disguise..

To have music grace YouTube, Radio Airplay and all major streaming outlets for people that likes classiness to be their taste in music, just as a person’s  personality is released to the public to do good, is the greatest value for uniqueness..

The gates to raging water shouldn’t have been built to be a bother, as the mentality is rushing or gushing  towards you..

Here is a prime example intellectually  judgement made very clear:





Down to Earth and non-violent airwaves is the clarification used to clear the airways for a better society to breathe lyrical passion, as the person Marcelus The Artist is about..


Name: Tony Baines
Address: 333 E Fairview Ave, Glendale, CA
Phone: 3107762793




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