LadiNeptune is BACK with her first EP #iGoByLadi

Las Vegas, Nevada — “LadiNeptune is back with some new party hits and one R&B song on her first EP of the 3 part series.”

Nevada-bred, LasVegas -based rapper/singer/poet LadiNeptune just dropped her debut EP #iGoByLadi via DistroKid. This 4 track EP invites you into the movie score-flowing music, emphasizing Ladi’s versatility as she paints a vivid picture of her self-inflicted madness, success, trials, and aspirations via wordplay and a shapeshifting flow over hard-hitting beats. The project showcases why she’s decided to follow her dreams and fulfill a purpose for the world. No matter if it’s a lit-tuation or some education, she does not miss!

LadiNeptune first appeared in 2019 with the release of “Still Talkin’” showcasing her lyrical flow abilities in the form of freestyle with a fearless “take no prisoners” attitude which caught the attention of The JMORadio show as she [Ladi] was nominated for “Best New Artist”. So naturally, she had to finish up the era properly by releasing the other three tracks. Geniusly placing it at the end to leave the road to party and adventure open for her fans to experience what’s to come.

This release is arriving to major streaming platforms soon due to an issue with distributing which prevents it from being released on 10/10/2021 as originally planned. To make it up to her fans who have been waiting patiently for #iGoByLadi, she took to her Instagram to go live and share the listening party with her tiny but mighty fanbase by streaming it via SoundCloud.

Ladi’s last performance was at a local spot called Cork and Thorne located in Las Vegas, NV where she performed “StillTalking’”. Along with several private parties that included NDA’s where she has been able to showcase her talent.

To keep up with Ladi, follow her on all social platforms under @ladineptuneofficial

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Without further ado, may we present to you LadiNeptune. Welcome, to the frequency.

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The tracklist is a picture that paints the artist’s life with the twist of a mini-series as LadiNeptune prepared her first in-studio LP Album set to be released in the spring of 2023. #iGoByLadi shared unique life experiences that makes for perfect hype music based off of the listeners perspective. “I honestly was INSIDE living vicariously through my industry peers until I was able to rejoin teh world after a mental war that I was [at that time] losing against.”


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