Kenny G Longgwayy Mississippi Rap Artist

Winona, Mississippi — Despite being such a new artist, Kenny G Longgwayy has released a single  on Apple Music as well as his own Youtube channel. The aim for him is to get his music to as many people as possible. With his new single out and more music on the way, it won’t long before the world sees Kenny G Longgwayy on tour!

Rap have never faded from the spotlight. For a good few years, the music created by rappers and artists from the genres was groundbreaking. From social justice cries to heart-wrenching tales of heartbreak, the genres had it all. Now, there’s a new artist, Kenny G Longgwayy, who is joining the ranks of these legends.

Kenny G Longgwayy is a new emerging rapper and rap artist who has big dreams for his music in the industry. As an artist, he is truly loving the major streaming platforms, putting his music out 2021.

Kenny G Longgwayy is a Mississipi based Rap artist. The artist is new to the industry but has started to release his own music on Apple Music and Youtube channel . He is taking his career to new levels in this coming year.




The Black Wall Street label the music is for people to relate and draw fans to listen


Company Name: The Black Wall Street
Contact Person: Thug
Phone: 662-440-0092




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