Introducing You to The Divys

An Alternative New Wave Band with LGBTQ Themed Songs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 21, 2021 – In the world moving towards wider acceptance of queer artists, we introduce you to The Divys. The Divys is an alternative electronic music band from Philadelphia that has been creating their own music with LGBTQ themes since 2004.

While many aspiring musicians create music similar to what is trending in their time, the Divys like to do things differently. Musicians Kliffee Cee and William Rule like to create music that sounds good to them, regardless of what their audience might be expecting. They stay true to their sound – allowing them to blend their talents into the Modern New Wave style of music.

The Divys are a DIY band. Therefore, both the musicians write, play, sing, program, and produce their own music from The Laundromat – Their home studio fit into a walk-in closet. You can hear the personal touch in their music as they draw inspiration from their own lives.

The band released its first album titled ‘This is What You Get’ on a CD. This first album itself won them the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for their song “Freddie Are You Single.” They release their second album called ‘Sophomore’ in a non-CD format. Their third album ‘The Divys’ came out in 2008, including the popular “Breathless” as a bonus track.

Even after their break from 2008-2020, the band came together as strong as ever with “World on Fire” and “Thank You (For Wrecking My Life). The band is currently working on several other alternative songs that will be included in their upcoming EP.

All their music is available on their official website, or you could stream their music on Spotify! Stay tuned for their upcoming EP announcement on their social media accounts.





The Divys is an Alternative and Electronic duo from Philadelphia that came together in 2004. The band consists of musicians William Rule and Kliffee Cee. Since both the artists are hardcore fans of John Waters films, they named their band after the great Divine.

With Kliffee Cee’s rock and William Rule’s electronic dance music background, they blended their styles into the New Wave style of music. With several awards and acclaims at hand, the Divys create independent music out of their studio, The Laundromat.

In the early to mid 90s, William Rule worked with legendary producer Bobby “O” Orlando (Divine, The Flirts, early Pet Shop Boys) as a songwriter, remixer, and co-producer.



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