Evoking God In Our Darkest Moments As He Leads Us To The Light: Inspiring Gospel Artist Kent Osborne Releases New Single

Telling the tale of how he found God, with new single “You Didn’t Have To Do It But You Did” Kent Osbourne speaks of how God’s divine intervention will be found in all our moments of despair.

Jackson, Georgia – August 5th, 2021 – Drawing inspiration from God, rising gospel artist, Kent Osbourne takes it upon himself to spread the word of God to new highs with the help of his new single “You Didn’t Have To Do It But You Did”. Channeling his struggles into the deep melodies of his new single, he evokes a sense of divine inspiration, and heavenly aid that comes to us at our most vulnerable moments. Delivering the crucial message that whenever we feel that we are helpless, we can rest easy knowing that God is always above us; he is always watching us, over everything that we do.

The melodic track makes use of awe inspiring vocals from Kent Osbourne as he narrates His divine message to us, preaching the word of God in a manner that allows for listeners to consume it time and time again. Making use of the gospel inspirations, the track is sure to leave listeners dazed and in awe of the glory of God, no matter wherever they may be. Listen as Kent tells you about his mission to guide the youth towards the right path, one where they may make better humans of themselves and find their salvation.

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Losing his parents at an early age, and then running away from his aunt. Kent Osbourne never really had a stable childhood to call his own, hitting his lowest point when he ended up in jail. It was at this point that he found God, and dedicated his life to the service of God. In the process making a vow to become a better person, and a better role model for those around him.

Since then Kent has never looked back, and has never needed to as he started a number of endeavors, all of which have paid him back in large dividends. From starting his own successful businesses, and a record label company, to being a motivational speaker and writer. Kent has found out that being a devoted follower of God does indeed repay you.

His true passion however has been his music, the production of which he has been involved in for over 20 years. For Kent this is the best medium to spread the word of God to the wider masses, in a manner that allows them to both enjoy themselves and consume the word of God.



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