Augmenting the Spirit of Gospel Music: Gifted Storyteller Narrata Moves Listeners with New Track

“Demons Leave Me” introduces listeners to a variety of rhythms and styles, inspiring audiences towards inward reflection

Cosmo City, Guateng, South Africa — June 30th, 2022- Through spellbinding Gospel rhythms and vocal energy that charms listeners with powerful notes, Narrata has created a musical presence unlike any in the genre. His inspirational new single, “Demons Leave Me” presents an ingenious blend of Soft Rock, appealing Reggae tunes, and Afro-beats that undergird his musical brand and character.

The Ghanian singer-songwriter remains motivated to use his platform for the greater good, encouraging listeners to rekindle their love for the world around them. Shedding light on the divine message with his unique stylistic elements, the artist is swiftly becoming a phenomenon of modern times.

With everlasting messages and soul-stirring themes, Narrata awakens depth of emotions and sentiments amidst audiences. The artist’s musical journey remains perched upon the goal of touching hearts and minds and bringing people closer to the message of the Gospel.

Spreading love, light, and positive energy, Narrata has unveiled a number of beautiful compositions that have won him a great number of fans and listeners online. His previous releases include his outstanding debut album, ‘He Brought Up Jesus’ which dropped in 2021, followed by the singles, “Don’t Be Thinking”, “He Will Do It for You” and “God Is Able”, which were released for fans of Gospel and Reggae in the same year.

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Alfred Newlove-Aubin, also known as Narrata, is a rising gospel musician with a propensity for penning contagious tunes and divine narratives. He is originally from Ghana and currently resides in South Africa. Narrata’s musical adventure began in 1999 when he joined the hip hop group Attitire at a young age.

Narrata, who enjoys telling stories, is heavily affected by the gospel, which enables him to produce music that elicits powerful feelings in listeners. One of the things that makes Narrata an artist to watch out for is that in addition to evoking emotions, she also appears to have a certain intrinsic skill to cleverly offer music in a variety of styles, including Reggae, Soft Rock, Afro-beats, and R&B, all while maintaining a consistent brand. Narrata, who has already released two albums—He Brought Up Jesus in 2021 and Demons Leave Me in 2022—aims to use music to improve society. He is on track to become one of the most outstanding musicians of our time.


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