Anjalts delivers on New video for “Air to “Fire”

New York, NY — Friday, January 29th, 2021 — As the New year opens up to encompass hope and moving pass a tumultuous quarantined 2020.  The powerful lyrics of one indie artist song continues to parallel the abnormal times we are experiencing.

Anjalts song “Air to Fire” has launched a new video with effused imagery and lyrics inter-fading with hillside wildfires, wind and burning trees as its backdrop.  In her Instagram post when the video premiered on YouTube she wrote “it’s a small budget video we filmed virtually to embraced the meaning of the song.” See the post HERE.

Most of the video was shot entirely with green screen imagery of teeming flames and close up of the artist singing.  Reminiscent of music video(s) in an 80’s style rendering of lurid colors and subtle imageries that centers around the very first verse of the lyrics “the trees are burning.”  The lyrics of “Air to Fire” stems from a poem written by Anjalts after seeing the Amazon rainforest on fire. The elements at play, when air is added to fire. Read the lyrics HERE.

The storytelling is inimitable and the topic very real in 2021 as fires continue causing vast deforestation of the Amazon Rainforests, the size of several football fields, all for the sake of expansion of the agricultural frontier and destructive policies that are putting the Amazon Rainforest ecosystem on the brink of an ecological tipping point. That means when the forest loses its ability to recover. “The equation is simple’” says the artist, “fewer trees equals less oxygen equals more pollutants in the air, diseases and irreplaceable damage to the soil for trees to grow back.”  The songwriter anticipates for more eco-friendly solutions that are possible, such as re-growing the trees or the optimal solution of preserving the Amazon Rainforest as a national park that should be protected by mutual agreements from every country on the South American continent. Listen to Anjalts single debut “Air to Fire” HERE

It all seems like a heavy song topic for an emerging singer/songwriter to undertake on a debut release, but growing up and living in the former British colony of Guyana, South America hits closer to home.

Unexpectedly, the small budget video was directed by Anjalts and sticks to the focal point of these raging wildfires set in cinematographic tones of sunset orange, reds and gold. Cascading imagery of her strumming guitar and evocative vocals exhales the powerful lyrics of a realistic future that young musicians like Anjalts are faced with today. If the power of music can change anything, she hopes to do so with her songs. Her debut EP album release date is set for March 2021.

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