All Hail The Princess

Austin, TX — When one thinks of a rap or hip-hop artist you generally think of someone who’s able to at least get in the club to perform. However, this new artist isn’t able to get in any club or able to even drive to the club but she’s sure to have the club rocking. Introducing the first 5-year-old rapper who goes by Princess KK.  Coming from the Crescent City, which is New Orleans for those unaware by way of Austin, Texas. This little rap sensation is sure to melt hearts and microphones, to say the least.  Princess KK brings a breath of fresh air to a cookie-cutter rap industry that seems to be in a wash, rinse & repeat cycle.  It’s amazing to hear a kid this young rapping and she’s the first at her age to actually do it and keep your attention.  Princess KK who’s name is Kaliyah Khari is guided and produced by her Father who’s been an Independent underground artist and producer since 1992.  Her voice along with the boom bap production blends the new with the old to create a new sound that will propel her into the future of rap/hip-hop.  She’s incredibly articulate for a 5yr old and her timing is on point.  The catchy hooks keep you humming her songs long after it’s been played and the beats definitely make your head nod which is the first test to making a hit record.  This kid is sure to be a household name and her music will have parents and their kids jamming side by side for years to come.



Princess KK is a kid who likes to make music with her Daddy and go to Chuck E. Cheese! I gotta do my homework before we do my song Mommy said and I love to go swimming.  I also like my Daddy songs he got a song about stinky breath it’s funny!!


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