A Touching and Moving Love Letter from Miles Away: Talented Artist Steve Contino Unveils Soul-Stirring New Single

By stunning listeners with his unique craft, spanning the rich and varied genres of Pop and Rock, eclectic singer-songwriter Steve Contino is driven to inspire and captivate with his enriching and relatable 6th musical track, titled “All I Need”.

Rock Hill, South Carolina – July 28th, 2021  – Sending ripples in the world of Rock and Pop, growing artist Steve Contino is on the right track towards success, as he enthrals listeners once again with his new release, “All I Need”. Having released on June 3rd, 2021, the stunning new track has been independently, completely written by the budding artist. Penning down the soulful lyrics to the single, Steve Contino has channelled authentic and stirring emotive strength into words, complemented by a captivating musical score.

The talented artist’s compelling instrumentals and recordings capture a unique lyrical brilliance, narrating stories through love letters sent to his wife. A relatable and sensory single, “All I Need” captures the raw, soulful and moving emotions that characterize a long-distance relationship- inspired by Steve Contino’s own long-distance relationship with his wife, living 500 miles away from each other. The new single continues the artist’s distinct vocal style and musical range, unique to his dynamic craft.

“When listeners play this song, I would like them to think about the love in their life or love in general. My inspiration comes from life and my views on people, their relationships, and the world,” says the eclectic artist regarding his new single.

For more information on Steve Contino and his work, visit his social media sites and website via ffm.bio/eamrgnk. Check out his new music on Spotify and YouTube and reach out through email and social media for interviews, collaborations and engagements.




Originally from the Bronx, rising singer and songwriter Steve Contino followed love to South Carolina. A growing force in the world of Rock and Pop, Steve has been playing the drums since the age of ten and picked up the guitar just five years ago. Honing and galvanizing his skills and musical talents, the budding artist was always moved by a burning passion for pursuing a career in music.

After spending many years in the corporate world, the artist was overtaken by the realization that it is never too late to follow one’s dreams, a thirst for chasing dreams and passions is also reflected in the artist’s career. Like most musicians, the singer started playing in garage bands in high school and has over two decades worth of experience being a talent, singing and playing in a local church band. Breaking into the mainstream, Steve Contino hopes to make it big, using solely his talents.



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