A Creative Force Defining the New Groove of Hip Hop: Dynamic South Carolina-Based Artist Itz MK Groove Set to Enthrall

Bringing an authentic spirit to the world of Hip Hop, Itz MK Groove is dramatically rising to the top of the charts, with his own characteristic style

Laurens, Sc — January 31st, 2022 – A wonderful new addition to Hip Hop, Itz MK Groove brings to the music realm a distinctive and thoroughly exciting musical character. With sounds and rhythms that are well rooted within the culture, MK’s compositions resonate well with listeners, seamlessly encompassing them with a string of emotions and sentiments.

Climbing atop from the underground, MK Groove is psyched to collaborate and create, working with the industry’s most creative budding talents, while simultaneously putting on show his craft.

With singles such as “Right Side,” “Couped Up,” and “Figure me out,” the talented powerhouse is ready to plaster himself on the fabric of 2022, coming out of his introverted shells. With a driving aim “to be groovy as always,” MK Groove hopes to blend diverse rhythms and rhymes, creating a soundscape which is sure to hit all the right chords with fans.

Denoted by a distinct sense of authenticity, MK’s music is inspired and motivated by the reality of simply “people being people.” With each release, Itz MK Groove wants to make sure that his listeners have the path to the Truth, and that they remember his music in their hearts, minds, and souls.

Illuminating a light in the dark pathways of life, MK intends to become a meaningful presence in the industry. Inspired by the work of up-and-coming artists trying to create their own space in the fast-paced music world, MK remains particularly fascinated by budding female artists who are fighting all odds stacked against them.

Itz MK Groove hopes to work with like-minded prodigies, creating work that he loves to do, with a goal of keeping the music world-rocking for life.

“I’ve been making music for almost a decade and with wonderful guidance not ever too far from anything music or media related,” says the artist about his musical journey.

Stream Itz MK Groove’s newest musical compositions on his official music platforms, and follow him on Instagram @Biggestgroovy, Twitter @blavkhxllywxxd, and Spotify @Itz MK Groove. For interviews, reviews and collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist via email.




Zikevious Rice, known better by his music identity, Itz MK Groove hails from Laurens, South Carolina. The driven 26-year-old Hip Hop artist is known by mane names, BlavkHxllywxxd, MK Groove, MegaStar Groovy, and others, and for good reasons too. For with his compelling and groovy musical compositions, MK is building a formidable name in the music world.

Creating impacts For Five Tier, Assist Labels and Freelancers, the artist goes out beyond the musical aspects, networking and creating a meaningful space in the online sphere. Identifying himself as a rising ‘Mogul with 1000% Hip Hop”, MK hopes to churn out nothing but pure Hip Hop. Inspired by the energy of people and the innate ability to connect with music and other arts, Itz MK Groove was galvanized to find his own identity.


Itz MK Groove
Name: Megastar Groovy
Email: Itzmkgroove@gmail.com
Phone: +1-854-202-0279


Instagram: www.instagram.com/biggestgroovy/
Twitter: twitter.com/blavkhxllywxxd
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/22lNSfx03xXI5YTvGzSnFs?si=Fm53aG0HTGS5X6sJKtfVEQ
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/zikevious-rice-47b22a158


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