A Blend of Pop, World, and African Music: Claver Zyti Creates Musical Magic By Fusing Melodious Tunes With Deep Lyrics

This consortium of Afro-pop music tells Zyti’s stories through his cultural lens which helps provide the audience with an alluring and unique style of music.

Paris, Ile de France- July 8th, 2022- Claver Zyti is an eccentric new artist who has crafted a unique musical space for listeners throughout the world. The artist uses a unique mix of traditional rhythmic afro-pop tunes to help relay the depth of the message within his music. This music is incredibly unique for the enigmatic quality that it possesses. It is these singles that help showcase a new reality to the masses with full force.

Son of the peoples of the BEN lineage forest in the great EWONDO family in Cameroon, Claver was rocked by the ancestral-traditional rhythms “EKANd, ESSANI, BIKUTSI” and the onomatopoeias of the sung stories of the mystical-spiritual stories of his grandmother by the fire during the long evenings spent in the village. The artist has a traditional basic rhythmic education to which other rhythms of various origins were added during his adolescence. It is in this background that colors the musical tunes that are formed.

“Tolérance” is a fresh new hip-hop single that inspires feelings of music and dance in the minds of the listeners with exceptional efficiency. This musical masterpiece centers on Claver in the music video who relays the music with charisma and passion. The eclectic musician’s love for music is purely due to a love for the art itself not because of materialistic pursuits such as fame and fortune. Even though Claver admires all the big names in Cameroonian and international music, this art form was never considered a profession or a representation of an ideal or an idol.

Music and artistic expression were initially a means for Zyti to exorcise his frustrations due to the mirror of society. The difference creates in other gestures, looks, and behaviors that can change a man for good or for bad. Because of the singer’s albinism, the artist has suffered discrimination since his early childhood, making him withdrawn and shy. But with the unconditional support and love of his family, Claver took advantage of all that negative grassroots energy, to let his emotions sweat through the pores of this music.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Spotify on the following link open.spotify.com/track/1oDXo1EdXN8l69ZhbkZ6M0?si=Bj1W7F-kTmi9Ly_bEIylWA&utm_source=whatsapp&nd=1. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email claverzyti51@gmail.com.



Claver Zyti, a resident of Paris, has been influenced by the profound power and love of music since a very young age. The musician’s exceptionally strong bond with his family colors the musical message that the artist wishes to send today. For Zyti, music is the one sure positive way of fighting one’s inner demons.

This music is a mode of catharsis as well as a beacon of hope for all those that are struggling with hard times in their life and wish to use the truest inner part of themselves as a way of battling against forces that put them down. Claver is thus a model for all those that wish to produce music with honesty and diligence mirroring their truths.


Claver Zyti
Name: Pierre Claver Nkodo
Address: 25 rue des Renaudes, Paris, Ile de France, France
Email: claverzyti51@gmail.com
Phone: 33750359152


Facebook: www.facebook.com/claverzytimusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCdE_2AlkPsrc3GfkO2OVneQ
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/1oDXo1EdXN8l69ZhbkZ6M0?si=Bj1W7F-kTmi9Ly_bEIylWA&utm_source=whatsapp&nd=1


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