Who Is Dancehall Reggae’s Young Dubai?

After the release of “Soldier; which is his fourth single, every one in the Dancehall Reggae scene is scrambling to find out who is the new Jamaican MC behind the hot new single (“Soldier”). Word is circulating around the island of Jamaica about the U.S. record label (MVB Records) who just signed the unknown up-and-coming music artist, after they discovered him on instagram.

Austin Dakins is Young Dubai’s real name, and he resides in the capital of the island of Jamaica, Kingston. From reading his Spotify bio, it appears he started making music at a young age to cope with neighborhood pressures and bullies.

Pictures from his recent; and first, photo shoot is now circulating around the music industry, and the media is getting it’s first glance of what the promising music artist looks like. Our favorite songs from the 4 singles released through MVB Records are: “Things Gon’ Change” and “Soldier”.

We highly recommend all Dancehall Reggae fans go listen to this new artist, because his flow and melodies are nothing anyone fan of his respective genre has ever heard.

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