We Are Freestyle


We Are Freestyle
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Subgenre: R&B
Location: Grenada, CA, USA

Mission Statement:
We Are Freestyle Productions is a non-profit record label sponsoring musical production and education programs for communities. Our mission is to support
artists to become independently successful both musically and financially. Through memberships we provide a network where independent artists can share their work,
support one another through collaboration, and create an underground music resource for the world to enjoy. Through creativity, collaboration, and education, we
are the future of music.

Foundation – Executive Producer
J?uest – Artist R&B, Dance, Reggae
MissJustiss – Artist Pop, Dance, R&B
Hiz Majesty – Artist Hip-Hop, Rap
Sean the Don – Artist Hip-Hop, Rap
Beaver G – Artist Hip-Hop, Rap

This year welcomes the release of the following albums:
J?uest – The Adventures of J?uest
Hiz Majesty – Return of the King
Miss Justiss – Worldbridger
We Are Freestyle – Compilation #1