Upcoming Chicago Artist Ekou Sanchez Releases First Hit Single “Blue Moon”

The pandemic and long-term quarantine have left Ekou Sanchez battling depression and anxiety. Through those difficult times, he has created some relaxing melodies to keep his calm and advance his talent.

Ekou Sanchez, aka Ekou, an upcoming and multi talented artist, reveals some of the mesmerizing melodies he created during the pandemic and quarantine isolation. His highly anticipated new songs released in 2022 include captivating melodies with relaxing beats entitled ‘Blue moon’, ‘Rising Down’, ‘Blissful Night’, and ‘Galaxy World’. “I’m pleased to release my music to listeners around the world. Music has helped me to stay calm during difficult times. And I realized that this was the right time to go public and share my passion for my music with the world.” Said Ekou Sanchez, the musician.

During the endless pandemic and long-term isolation, Ekou Sanchez struggled with many mental health battles, including anxiety and depression. The only thing that keeps him calm during a hard time is music. Ekou Sanchez makes music during the lonesome isolation of quarantine to calm him down and expresses his feelings. “At that time, I was producing my own beats personally just for fun, but I knew that these soothing melodies could be as beneficial to others as they were to me,” said Ekou.

Ekou Sanchez composes music with calm melodies and simple beats that deliver listeners into a different world. Its melodies make anyone feel enlivened and mesmerized. In addition, the debut tracks are available to enjoy on all digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and numerous other streaming platforms.

About Ekou Sanchez Music
Ekou Sanchez, aka Ekou is an upcoming musician from Chicago, Illinois. He was born 17 years ago and has been producing music since a young age. His musical talent will thrill everyone with mesmerizing melodies that soothes the atmosphere. Stream his new hit single “Blue Moon” now available on all platforms: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ekousanchez/blue-moon

For more information about Ekou Sanchez and his new music, please visit Instagram.com/Ekou

Blue Moon by Ekou Sanchez

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