Upcoming Artist ‘Henry K’ Releasing New Song

Pop-rock artist Henry K is coming out with his first release of 2023. The song titled “All The Wrong Things” mixes hip-hop elements with modern pop-punk, influenced by unique artists and bands such as ‘blackbear’, ‘blink-182’, and ‘Post Malone’. This interesting mix of influences creates a new and experimental sound to be explored. According to Henry K, the song deals with vices, addictions, and bad habits that people go through. The struggle to overcome them, and how it leads you to all the wrong things. The 21-year old artist also got to work with Chicago rapper ‘7Seven’ and mixing engineer Zachary Langstaff, who previously worked with artists such as ‘Kodak Black’ and ‘The Kid LAROI’.

Henry K is a Brazilian-born artist who started releasing songs last year. He got
some attention on Instagram and YouTube after posting covers of popular songs. However, his love for music comes from years ago, after getting his first guitar from his grandma at age 10.

“I got my first guitar from my grandma, and couldn’t stop playing it and writing songs. I took guitar classes for a few years following that, and till this day that’s the instrument I use as foundation for my songs.” – Henry K

In 2020 he started writing songs to get things off his chest and as a way to escape reality. Henry says he fell in love with music, and couldn’t think of doing anything else. At that time he also started singing and getting into music production. The “pop-punk revival” was also something that inspired him to turn back to music. After seeing artists such as ‘Machine Gun Kelly’, ‘YUNGBLUD’ and ‘Oliver Tree’ making songs similar to what he used to listen growing up, it made him realize how many people out there, who used to listen to those same bands, are looking for that nostalgic sound.

“Once I graduated from high school in 2020, I found myself in a global pandemic, locked inside my house, extremely depressed and not sure of what I was going to do with my life. That was when I turned to music again. I started writing songs to get things off my chest and as a way to escape reality. I fell in love with music again, just like when I got that first guitar from my grandma, I couldn’t stop making music.”

“My dream is that people listen to my songs and connect with the feelings and emotions in them. I wanna be able to make music my profession and fully focus on it, for as long as I can. Writing songs has been the best way I’ve found to express how I feel, and make people better understand me. All I hope is that my music can help people just like it helped me.” – Henry K

The artist has high hopes for this year, as he has been making some noise in the pop-punk scene with his latest songs, and wants to consolidate his name as an artist. This is definitely an artist you should keep your eyes on, and don’t forget to check out “All The Wrong Things”, coming out Friday on all platforms.