UP vol. 2 CD – THE GAY WOW!

February 28, 2012  – You may have heard of the “WOW” CD collections:  “WOW Hits”, “WOW Gospel”, “WOW Worship”, and so on.  Well now there’s a new “gay WOW”.  In fact, there are two.

Tuesday, February 28th marks the release of “UP vol.2  (Unashamed Praise),” which is a follow up to the first edition released in March of 2011.  Both projects are inspired by the “WOW” compilations released every year by the Christian music industry that feature the top Christian songs and artists.  Producer, Shawn Thomas (who organized both UP projects and mastered the recordings in his Florida studio), explains, “I’ve been touring as an “out” Christian artist in the US and Canada for almost 9 years and I’m often asked, ‘Why aren’t there more GLBT Christian artists out there?’  The fact is there are a bunch of us!  Some travel full time in ministry, others lead worship and music at specific churches, and some share their message of faith proudly in secular settings.  So I thought that maybe if we had a ‘WOW’ CD of GLBT Christian artists, people might become aware of these singers and groups both in the Christian demographic and in the GLBT community.”

“UP vol. 2” is a compilation of songs by 12 gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered (GLBT) Christian recording artists.  It features tracks from its producer, Shawn Thomas, Kim Wisdom, Marcus Young, Carlos Ortiz, Nhojj, Shaun Smith, Melba Sutton, Wil Dunn, Brian Ladd, Debbie George, Burning Nopal, and Billy Muncy.

The first edition of “UP” in 2011 included an additional 13 singers and songwriters.  All total, the “UP” compilation CDs feature 25 different GLBT Christian artists all sharing their faith without shame.

Thomas is also the author of “Unashamed: Coming Out of the Second Closet”, which deals with the difficulty of being both gay and Christian in a world where GLBT persons have often been disaffiliated by churches, and many “gay Christians” find themselves ostracized by the GLBT community for holding strong to their faith.

“UP” CDs can be purchased directly from each artist.  Links are provided at www.UnashamedOnline.com, as well as more information about both “UP” projects and Thomas’ book.   Digital downloads are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Contact:  The Ministry of ARP | Shawn Thomas Studios | info@aaronsrainbowproject.com