Up Next Orbitz

We got the chance to interview up and coming artist Orbitz! Straight up out of New York City. We are pleased to introduce to him through this article!

What is your artist name or what name do you go by?

  • I go by Orbitz. The name was given to me by family and I chose to define it in my own way.

What city do you represent?

  • Uptown raised me , representing NY to the fullest even though I’m no longer living there ! But it made me who I am and I love where i come from.

What got you started making music, or your craft?

  • Music is that dream I was scared to admit I had as a child , everybody wants to be a rapper and whatnot but music really always has called out to me. I knew I had to pursue it when I would listen to songs on the stereo and would zone out and just start coming up with my own melodies and lyrics in my head, disregarding the whole song that’s already playing. I was literally making content over already made content and it was nothing alike. Music is also my best form of expression im a true introvert , yet when I hear a beat it’s like my subconscious just takes over and tells everything I been holding back. People’s reactions to me Freestyling is what pushed me to pursue this.

Any goals you want to achieve this year?

  • For the end of 2021 I just want to be able to say people are coming across my music and acknowledge that I’m really about to pursue this, I need to focus on promoting my content that’s already out and have people listen to it in as many places as possible at the moment , that’s all I want for this year , next year tho, next year I’m tryna let the world know my pain through a new project I’m working on which I will definitely promote fully and I want to be able to reach out far enough to get some beautiful collaborations with artist that are not just known, but that speak that real talk in their music.

Anyone you would like to work with?

  • I don’t know how this might come across to people but as of right now my main focus is to work with artists coming from where I come from that are tryna make a way just as I am, it’s too much hidden talent in my hood and I want them to know I see them and believe in them. Now when we’re talking bout artists that are known and I’ve always dreamed of working with you’ll realized that my ears are very open and is my mind and my diversity ranges almost drastically.
    -I will have to put Drake at the very top of that list now let’s keep it 100% ,
    -J cole now c’mon I don’t gotta say much bout the goat, whole dreamville specially Bas and JID, Cozz go hard.
    -A song or 2 with Kendrick will let me know I’m that guy no cap,
    -A boogie a true modern influence for the game in NY.
    -Dave East just got that hard raw sound almost old school which I love to hear.
    -if I can get Nasty Nas interested in a collab I would really feel like a success.
    -Meek, another raw ass mf wit great energy!
    -wale, I call Wale the poet sum like modern day black Shakespeare no cap. Underrated if you ask me.
    -Andre 3000, 👀 I don’t even know how to describe that mans skills but I need that.
    -Jeremih just voice and melodies flows content dude really a secret weapon.
    -Sza, Jorja Smith, Alessia Cara, Jessie Reyes, Adele, Melii, Keysha Cole , kehlani, the list goes on…
    This is the hip hop and r&b- ish side of me now let’s not forget I’m Dominican with fluent Spanish so all my dembow , reggaeton, even bachata artists !!!
    The game is so big now I could go on for days probly missed some I’ve dreamed of working with before these people even but yeah.

Any up and coming artist you look up to or would like to shout out?

  • Like I said My hood doing great with the music and talents , and lets not forget artistry is not just music or film and what not , With that being said ima just name people of the top of my mind I see really busting to make it and put on, lemme start wit my bros Danilo Concepcion and his bro Brian their whole team matter fact! Keep doing ya thing man motivation at its finest!!
    Shouts to
    Artists- Daonlydeon, Rody, 8beezly, producers- Fredwinfromdaheight, Lenmontana, Hennybeatz
    Film- ansosfilm, etfilms, benjifilms , etc.
    Shouts to Dacoverartist wit the hottest cover art in the Uptown soon the whole NY.
    It’s too much going on to even be able to think of em all of top but yea I’m loving what’s going on!

What is the most recent project you’re working on?

  • On my last project I dropped on my Bday last year called “Time Limit” , available everywhere , I was talking a lot of hot talk and money talk and so on which might give people the wrong impression of who I am and what they’ll be getting from me , working on a new project that I have yet to name or scheduled to drop cause I want to finesse it , but I’ll be a bit more vulnerable and talk more on the pain and struggles of my past while also tryna to keep the energy motivating and whatnot. Stay tuned it will definitely drop sometime before next summer.