‘The Way You Move’ by Kris James

‘The Way You Move’ is a timeless, entrancing pop hit, loaded with narcotic melodies and a charming side of Kris James’ songwriting. Filled with bright neon colours, and sparkling instrumentation, this single was evidently built for the dance floor. ’The Way You Move’ shows Kris James as we all know and love him, yet with every new release he seems to grow more and more.

Filled with captivating elements that pull you in closer with each listen, ‘The Way You Move’ takes a step in the direction of disco, funk and pop, a single engineered for dancing and ticking all the boxes. Talking about his new single Kris states, “This time around I’ve been able to have some real fun in creating this song and the next album. This is the most disco-funk I think I have ever gone and I absolutely love it! Hope you do too!”

Kris James is a Liverpool-born singer/songwriter that has started to find the spotlight over the last few years, but it all started out singing John Lennon and Frank Sinatra songs in karaoke bars back in his hometown. With an inspiring story to tell, has also made it to signing a brand new deal with Fairwood Music Publishing (longstanding publishers of the likes of David Bowie).

You can listen to Kris James’ latest hit, ‘The Way You Move’ below:

The Way You Move

Listen to The Way You Move on Spotify. Kris James · Song · 2022.


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