Stereo Glow: Interview

Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with IMAAI.
Tell us about your music.
Our music has a big sound and is very experimental. Colorful, driving, introspective. We have fun with it and explore the musical waters. We feel each song is a journey with inspired arrangements and evokes a sense of curiosity.

When did you start performing?
We started performing as a very active duo in 2017, when we did covers that we adored, mostly from the 60s and 70s. Always having fun, we made songs our own. Looking back, it made us sharper musicians and we really learned how to work together.

What do you consider to be your hometown and how does that affect your music?
We have been playing together in the Harrisburg, PA area, which is an amazing blend of nature, city and history. So many talented musicians, awesome venues with the big and beautiful Susquehanna River, ever-flowing. Being fairly centralized amidst NYC, Philly, Baltimore and DC allows for great access to other cities and their cultures. This area has kept us inspired, active and energized which shows in our music.

What performers have been your inspiration?
The Beatles are, by far, our biggest inspiration. We feel they showed us that musical boundaries don’t exist, this is most amazing to us. Beyond this, we both love classical music and so many other artists- Yo La Tengo, The Decembrists, Courtney Barnett, The Grateful Dead, Vulfpeck, Feist, Dominic Fike, Rush, Bob Dylan, REM, Sun’s Signature and Radiohead are some, and we are always discovering new ones that blow us away.

What do you base your success on?
We honestly feel it is because all of this comes from such a pure and fun place for us. We enjoy the entire process so much and it’s such an honor to share it with everyone and meet new people along the way. We also made a conscious decision it was the right time to focus and create. I think all of this helps lift a project off the ground.

What was your latest musical release?
“Captivation” was our latest release and it is about remembering a true part of yourself that you forgot about. Almost like you woke up from a dream while already awake. As if you are running around in life and all of a sudden there is a shift and everything changes in an energetic, almost sci-fi, kind of way.

Do you have any news to share?
Yes, we will be releasing our next original single in March and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. The amount of excitement we feel is just indescribable.

How can fans find you?

Stereo Glow

Lastly, please share some final words with the fans.

Creating this music has been such an incredible experience. It is so freeing to be able to express your emotions through this medium. Connecting with everyone through it just takes it to another level. We so hope you enjoy what is to come and it allows you to let your hair down, sing, dance while doing the dishes, cry, whatever! Let’s keep the good vibes flowing and we will catch you soon.