South African Rapper Ji99a6oo Drops the Final Project of Escalating Problems Series

Controversial “I’M THE TRUTH” Freestyle Sets the Stage for New Release. Ji99a6oo’s new single is available on YouTube and major music streaming platforms.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Ji99a6oo, the South African rapper known for his thought-provoking lyrics and socially conscious themes, is set to release the third and final project of his Escalating Problems series on March 12th, 2023. The project follows the controversial release of his “I’M THE TRUTH” freestyle, which tackled topics such as spirituality, race, and socio-political issues head-on. The new release is aimed at rapper fans worldwide and is set to inspire and encourage listeners.

In “I’M THE TRUTH,” Ji99a6oo touched on various sensitive topics that had previously been swept under the rug.

Listen to Ji99a6oo’s final project of the Escalating Problems series:


In discussing his upcoming release, Ji99a6oo said, “I’m excited to share this final chapter of the Escalating Problems series with my fans. This project is about bringing attention to issues that have been ignored for too long. It’s about inspiring people to take action and make a difference in their communities.”

The project promises to showcase Ji99a6oo’s unique blend of socially conscious themes and hard-hitting beats. Fans expect to be challenged, inspired, and entertained by the rapper’s latest effort.

Ji99a6oo has plans for the future beyond the Escalating Problems series. He hopes to continue making music that inspires positive change in the world. He also plans to collaborate with other artists to create a new sound that blends traditional African rhythms with modern hip-hop beats.
Ji99a6oo’s upcoming releases promise to be a must-listen for fans of socially conscious hip-hop. With its thought-provoking lyrics and hard-hitting beats, the final project of the Escalating Problems series is set to inspire listeners to take action and make a difference in their communities.

About Ji99a6oo
Ji99a6oo is a South African rapper known for his socially conscious lyrics and unique blend of African rhythms and modern hip-hop beats. With the release of the final track of his Escalating Problems series, the rapper hopes to inspire listeners to take action and make a positive difference in the world. I’M THE TRUTH and ESCALATING PROBLEMS 3: SHADOWS are available now.

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