Soulful Femme Holds Nothing Back On Collab With Joanna Connor

Soulful Femme sprawls out into the infinite on the endless vistas of “40 Under (feat. Joanna Connor)”. The twang of the guitar seems to suggest the wide-open spaces that defines America. With a bit of fire placed into the passion there is a loveliness to it. Vocals recall a bit of Jefferson Airplane for there is a deadpan yet animalistic fury to it. Buildup here too features an incredible element to it, featuring the band keeping things loose yet ultimately soulful. Lyrics here cut to the very bone. Genre-wise, hard rock, country, and the blues all enter into the frame making sure the song never lets up, instead contorting itself in wild, vivid ways.

Whispered at first the song’s introductory presence has a misleading quality. The atmosphere is set, for the tension rests right underneath it all. Upon letting this grow and grow, it simply explodes in a bright brilliant blur, one that has a freewheeling quality to it. Interplay within the group adds to the clear-eyed vision of the work. Bass has a physicality to it. Settling into a groove only lasts a little while for they are ready to unleash it all in a way that feels so fantastic to behold. For the finale they completely crash into each other making sure there is a power behind it, one that feels furious.

“40 Under (feat. Joanna Connor)” revels in the sheer fury of Soulful Femme for they hold nothing back.


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