Song Review: “Fall” by Phil Firetog Trio & Co

Phil Firetog Trio & Co song “Fall"

Phil Firetog Trio & Co have released their new song “Fall.” “Fall” has an extremely versatile sound that is bound to connect with fans of multiple styles of music. For example, fans of ballads will be able to connect with the slower parts of “Fall,” while fans of jam bands will be able to connect with the instrumentals. Anyone looking for a new romantic song by an up-and-coming band should also check out “Fall,” and will likely be pleased by what they hear.

Ultimately, “Fall” is a song about falling in love as well as the challenges that may come along with doing so. It begins with a soft acoustic guitar played in an uptempo manner, which sounds calming and soothing. Around 20 seconds into the song, listeners are introduced to Phil Firetog’s passionate voice. Throughout the song, the cadence in his voice truly allows listeners to connect with him on an emotional basis. Shortly into the first verse, he sings “Don’t let me fall,” the first time he alludes to the song’s title. By the chorus, Firetog’s vocals are joined by piano and drums as his vocal delivery becomes more upbeat.

To listen to “Fall” by Phil Firetog Trio & Co on Spotify, visit this link ( To follow Phil Firetog Trio & Co on Instagram @philfiretogtrio, visit this link ( To learn more about Phil Firetog Trio & Co, visit their website at this link ( In addition to Phil Firetog, Phil Firetog Trio & Co consists of drummer Johnny “Pots” Potocnik and bassist Liam Gordon.

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