Selling Ethically – Joel Malkoff

Ethical business decision making is not only the right thing to do, but it’s the thing people with integrity do, all the time. It’s how good businesses handle their sales training and marketing strategies. Malkoff, a native of Brooklyn, New York who now live in Avon, Connecticut reveals his ethical practices as a writer and coach. His insight overrides the “used-car-salesman” stereotype and opens the door to more ethical practices.

His foundational message concedes that ethical practices can still be profitable. Based on three essential elements, Malkoff promotes building better relationships, sell by customer referral, and increase sales revenue and profits through the benefits of your products.

With fundamental personal ethics as the standard, business ethics open the door to more transparent business transactions. Sustainable gains in business come from having a solid marketing strategy based on truth.


Malkoff says, “A person can meet the letter of the law and still behave unethically. Business ethics is about pursuing the spirit of the law; going beyond the letter of the law. The goal of ethical behavior is the practice of goodness in addition to fairness.”

The Spirit of the Law is a profound presumption of meaning. Example: there is a law in England against soliciting in the street. To circumvent this, some enterprising prostitutes took to soliciting from balconies instead. (Google search: spirit of the law)

In a world where business ethics matter, sellers work by the letter of the law. If the law says “disclose all details” then all details are disclosed and nothing is held back. The seller doesn’t move his “sale” to the next level to overwork the rule of law, or the letter of the law. Holding tight to the letter of the law, will keep your business transparent and proven, regardless of what others do.

Integrity matters.

“The two highest levels of influence are achieved when people follow you because of what you’ve done for them, and people follow you because of who you are. In other words, the highest levels of influence are reached when generosity and trustworthiness surround your behavior.” — Dale Carnegie

Being honest in business is the most significant single thing you can do to drive influence and build trustworthiness in your relationships. Without this kind of solid integrity, following the letter of the law, and sticking with transparent methods of revealing your marketing message, you lose over the long run of business. This is a significant loss of power in any industry. When people can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you, they won’t read you, and they won’t do business with you.


Joel Malkoff, the author of a new book SELLING ETHICALLY shares his candid story of redemption. To get his new book visit:

Malkoff chooses to share his message through a series of stories. As intriguing as the storytelling was, I found many elements to be duplicates, rewrites, and reiterations of stories I’ve heard in other places. I appreciated the fine art of storytelling, or retelling, as it were… And the book offers merits, worthy of the time taken to read the book. Just remember to hold the line at the rule of law, not some misguided spiritual adaptation.

Written by Kendall Townsend, posted by Clay Burton