Ryan David Orr Releases New Album « New Imperials »

photo of Ryan Orr

Ryan David Orr recently released his new album called « New Imperials ». The 10 track album was released via Spotify on December 15, 2022.

About Ryan David Orr

Ryan David Orr was born in Ashland, Oregon to a singer-songwriter mother and a visual artist father. Some of his earliest memories are of his mother singing him songs each night as bedtime stories. His childhood, which took place between Oregon and California, and later Tennessee and North Carolina, were surrounded by art, music, writing, and the adventures of rural living. At the age of 7, he began playing violin and singing in choirs, subsequently being recruited for several performance opportunities including a long run of the opera Tosca and the Northwest Children’s Honor Choir..For Ryan, there are too many influences and inspirations to list all of them in one place, but his background in the performing and visual arts began to take form during his high school years, when he put down the violin and picked up guitar. He immersed himself in a plethora of musical styles and genres. He spun old classic rock vinyls he found in record store bargain bins. He kept a constant flow of music going for most of his waking hours, devouring everything from Neil Young to Radiohead, Mos Def to Deftones, Beethoven to RL Burnside.