Ron Brown and the Ron Brown Band

I spend a lot of time on Facebook getting to know some of the talented musicians that are there. I just recently met Ron Brown and am impressed with him and his music.  In addition to being a true professional, he is a genuinely nice guy and is very talented.

Ron was raised on traditional country music. From his childhood he listened to such artists as Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, and Chris LeDoux. At age 13 he picked up an old guitar that was lying around the house and began to teach himself to play. With hard work, and a determination to follow his dreams (like his favorite singers), he was soon playing tunes like “Long Black Veil” and “Night Riders’ Lament.”

While his love for the old cowboy tunes never faded, he found himself writing songs that seemed to blur the lines between genres. “I’ve always felt you should stay close to your roots, but at the same time I never believed [music] should have boundaries. If you do it from your heart and keep it something you can relate to, then how can it be wrong?”

Drawn from personal experience and deep feelings, Ron’s stories run the gamut from triumph to heartbreak, from slow, tender ballads to full-tilt cowboy rock & roll. “There’s a time for settling back and making it sound sweet, and then there are other times when you’ve just got to throw the hammer down and go for broke!”

The Ron Brown Jukebox:

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