River Songs Releases Free Album “Music Of The Wounaan” To Raise Awareness And Preserve Indigenous Way Of Life

River Songs will release its debut album, Music of the Wounaan, for charity on Thursday, September 2nd 2021. This release will be available for free on Band Camp, Spotify and other music websites worldwide in order to bring awareness and preserve the Wounaan Tribe’s indigenous way of life.

Music of the Wounaan was created by River Songs guitarist Hoyt Binder to honor and pay respect to the musical traditions of the Wounaan Tribe in Panama where Binder grew up and was inspired by their amazing culture. Music of the Wounaan features vocals by various unknown women, recorded by Binder’s linguist father in the1970s when he was learning their language, traditions and musical styles. These Wounaan voices give us a glimpse into their beautiful and ancient melodies that transport you to a moment in time.

This album features traditional Wounaan songs with melodies inspired by the rivers, arranged by Binder. The traditional and improvised lyrics on this album communicate a day in the life of the Wounaan and are accompanied by Rebecca Kleinmann on flute, Nick Loxx on bass, Toby Harwell on drums, Ronald Van Deurzen on keyboards and Binder on guitar and percussion.

This album will be provided for free as a tribute to the Wounaan Tribe who influenced Binder on his musical journey and all listeners are encouraged to donate to www.nativefuture.org/wounaan to help preserve the Wounaan’s way of life. Free downloads as well as a limited supply of free CDs will be made available on Bandcamp.

Track listing:

1. This Is My Path
2. The Gathering
3. Binder’s House
4. A Small Rainfall
5. Canopy of Life
6. Wait For Me
7. Take Me Down To The River
8. Flight of the Buzzard
9. My Song
10. Oh Creator

Engineered by Ron Binder, Hoyt Binder & Steven Leavitt
Art Design by Nick Loxx
Mixed by David Swope
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering
Produced by Hoyt & Saskia Binder

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River Songs

Los Angeles, California Follow to get notified of new releases River Songs was created to honor and pay respect to the musical traditions of the Wounaan Tribe in Panama by Hoyt Binder, a guitarist/songwriter who has a passion for deep music.

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