“RISK: Living On The Edge” by Michael Tennenbaum

If anything is more important than knowing what it means to take risks and getting them down for the sheer sake of it, then it would take even more risk to pull it off. If Michael Tennenbaum, author of RISK: Living On The Edge can’t do it and put it into great context for the reader, I’m inclined to think that nobody can. You get the all-pro how-to guide and adventure trip in one to back it, along with the vernacular of risk-taking knowledge and business procedures it takes to be a winning risk professional or just keep a sharp mind about.

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Not enough can be said for the writer and the contribution work of Donna Beech to come up with the world’s foremost reading material for a book that deserves to be a best seller without question, or I am just easily entertained and that is not the outcome with me for all that Risk is worth is worth in price and its own consequence. In fact, I’m confident saying this is one of the finest books I’ve read in 2019, which is a lot of reading. If you’re into understanding risk as much as taking risks, it’s because you need to, and the remedies are here for the taking.

The hard part is always breaking comfort zone barriers and the keys to it can be found here via someone who’s lived the life and done the jobs nobody thinks they can do and it’s usually why they never do it, the risk is always going to be there either way, and overcoming all of the important obstacles can be found within. Anyone can learn a bit of everything in this from a financer, philanthropist and adventurer himself in his debut book offering. It would be hard to find a better source on the subject if it’s even possible.

One of the cornerstones of RISK involve the correction of mistakes made by the status quo to responsibly take risk management seriously by involving the community instead of shutting it out of the decision- making process. This is something that always starts in the financial industry structure and non-profit growth, so the book gives major insight to the building of the business and never bores in-the midst of it all, it actually-fascinates the reader and researcher alike. And it does so in the most captivating ways an experienced risk taker can put into words.

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Tennenbaum is an ultra-daredevil with everything under his belt from swimming with whales and feeding sharks to lifting off-of an aircraft carrier, trained with Navy Seals and even gone down in a nuclear sub. These experiences help describe what compels the risk taker and primarily drove fore founders to never stop achieving to accomplish huge feats with big risks behind them. As well as it covers all the small stuff that without knowing it wouldn’t be what it is, and that’s where two worlds meet head on for a top shelf book on a subject nobody usually likes to tackle.

Clay Burton