Rising Arizona Hip Hop Star Blaze Releases The Most Anticipated Album in 2022

Blaze’s New Album ‘Have Notz’ is expected to be released at the end of August 2022. This album will be the most awaited album of 2022 after he released latest album ‘SouthWest’ in 2021.

Rising AZ hip hop artist, Blaze, is pleased to announce his upcoming hip hop album titled ‘Have Notz’. This album release is Blaze’s 7th album which will work with 46 Brock on album production as well as himself. After releasing his latest album, ‘Southwest’ in 2021 and gaining success with the hit song ‘Eat’ along with other tracks from previous albums, ’ Southwest’, Blaze is confident of releasing a new album, ‘Have Notz’. This album is expected to be released around the end of August.

“Thank you, listener’s worldwide, for another amazing year filled with great music & vibes. I’m glad to be releasing new music and a new album. I appreciate every one of you, my fans, followers, and listeners of my music and other artists and music production company I work with. Wait for the new album to come in August.” said Blaze.

Blaze is an Arizona Hip hop artist with exceptional talents. This rapper-songwriter, producer, and label owner is based in Phoenix, Az. He has been featured on many media outlets, podcasts, blogs, and more for his dedication to the music industry. In his professional career, he has released several albums and singles that rocked the Arizona music industry for his unique lyrics and musical compositions. Blaze’s 2021 hit single from Album Southwest, ‘Eat’ and other tracks like ‘The Vybes’, ‘Amerikkkan Nightmare’, and more streamed over 100K combined on Spotify.

About Arizona Hip hop Star Blaze
Blaze is a multi-talented AZ rapper, songwriter, music producer, and label owner based in Phoenix, AZ. Blaze has released multiple successful albums and captivating singles since 2014. Blaze made his debut album in 2014 titled ‘The Epitaph’, followed by other successful singles and albums such as Ghetto Gold (2018), Luxury Life (2019), and the latest album, SouthWest in 2021.

Blaze is currently preparing his 7th album titled ‘Have Notz’, which will be released at the end of August 2022 and will be the most awaited album in 2022. Before launching the new album, Blaze is pleased to invite fans to listen to his tracks from the latest album SouthWest that is available on worldwide digital music platforms and Blaze YouTube channel. Blaze’s latest music video, ‘All We Know (Blaze ft Sudz P)’, is ready to enjoy on YouTube youtu.be/yZgbBuCmtZg. For more information about Blaze and his latest track release, please visit www.Have-Notz.com.

Blaze social media:

Have Notz
(602) 428-3106
Phoenix, Az