Rapper B3 FLEX Drops Stunning Single Titled ‘Light Show’

Multi-talented hip-hop artist and label owner B3 FLEX introduces a new single. The song is available on all global music streaming platforms.

B3 FLEX, aka Anthony Darell Hull, a multi-talented West Coast rapper-songwriter and label owner, announces a captivating single titled ‘Light Show.’ The song was released after the previous single Pay Me 2 Flex has successfully gained more than 20K views on YouTube. B3 FLEX’s latest released single, ‘Light Show’, is an amazing song with stunning lyrics and fast beats. This 2:27 track blends dynamic and enriching musical compositions with strong lyrics. “I’m thrilled and enjoy the process of creating ‘Light Show’. I hope you enjoy the lyrics and vibes of this song. See and enjoy my Pay Me 2 Flex music video on YouTube.” Said B3 FLEX

B3 FLEX was born on October 2nd, 1993. He is an unsigned artist and owns a record label called Splurge Team records. B3 FLEX, aka Anthony Darell Hull known for its distinct delivery, coded vernacular, and onbeat cadence. He has released numerous impressive singles, EPs, and albums since 2017. B3 FLEX released his debut single titled ‘Everything’ in 2017, followed by other singles and an album titled ‘Time Is Money’ in the same year. In 2018 he released four singles, two EPs, and an album titled ‘I’m the topic’ with eight mesmerizing songs.

B3 FLEX showed interest in music since he was young. B3 FLEX started his music career with Freestylin’ around the streets of Compton, California. He then expanded to the studio, recording his own music to prove his talent to people around. B3 FLEX handed out CDs across local stores to show off his unique music, sound, and lyrics. He later became a hip-hop icon in music with his own unique sounds and catchy lyrics. B3 FLEX then started investing in his music to pursue his dream because no one believed his vision. And the rest will be recorded in history.

About B3 FLEX
B3 FLEX, aka Anthony Darell Hull, is an American rapper, songwriter, and label owner called Splurge Team records. B3 FLEX was born on October 2nd, 1993. He came from a single-parent home. When he was only 11yrs of age, his father went to prison. He didn’t have an older male figure to emulate, but his older brother introduced him to music. B3 FLEX grew up in an area where people were selling drugs, and many killings happened every night. Fortunately, he used his music to keep him from making the same mistakes he watched other people make his whole life. For more information about B3 FLEX and his music, please visit B3 FLEX at www.b3flex.com.


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i Go By the Name Of B3 FLEX a Unsigned Artist Into Spotlight To Prove The Opposition Wrong. Starting His Career With Freestylin’ Around The Streets Of Compton Then Expanding To The Studio Recording His Own Music And Handing Out CDs Across Local Stores He Became An icon in Music with his own unique sounds and catchy lyrics.