Raising Good Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fields

This book is an eye catcher! From the cover to the stories of parenting inside the book, this book allows you to feel safe and comfortable while you search through your most personal responses to life.  With so many stories, there’s a lack of judgment in the process. I found myself feeling comfortable reading. Even when the stories dove into my personal feelings and emotion.

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The best part about the process was the objective of creating a plan for improving reactions and actions. How difficult is it to separate your own impulses to react to a crisis from the crisis at hand? Reality can be a game changer, when you realize that your own fear causes you to act out, then becomes the reason your child acts out. Do you understand the consequences of reacting? That was a key concept within the book and it helped to see the cause and effect of these natural reactions.

The fun part came with understanding that I could create a mantra, giving myself options to react. I could become the Ninja Dad in the crowd, reacting with calm, cool reserve, and fixing the problem rather than raising the volume. How simple is that!

Breathing is good.

No matter what the crisis, I realized I could take a deep breath before reacting to the problem. This one single concept, early in the book gave me pause and reminded me that I could CHOOSE my own reactions to others.

Since I have no children of my own, I actually wondered at being able to use the contents of this book, but then I realized – I meet people every day who need my response to them to be calm reassurance. How better to create that kind of response than to learn how to calm the storms of toddlerhood?

This book brought healing to my own memories of an alcoholic parent who often screamed at us to stop screaming. He struggled with his own issues and they were pawned off onto his children. My quiet, responsive mother had learned to whisper out of fear… As helpful as her quiet response was in toning down the situation, that too was a response to fear. By reading this book, I was able to see my parents, and find solutions for their influence in my own people skills. The fear factor is real. Dealing with that is relevant to living a happy life of contentment. I believe this book should be in every home.

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Whether you have children or not, this book offer profound insight into the way we respond to each other, to life situations, and to our own fears.

This quote resonated with me:

“Feeling compassion for ourselves in no way releases us from responsibility for our actions. Rather, it releases us from the self-hatred that prevents us from responding to our life with clarity and balance.”

-Tara Brach-

When we find clarity and balance in our own lives, we’re more likely to share that with others. This book offers insight that will help you accept who you are in this world.

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