Raise Your Cup to the Next Party Anthem By Payton Howie

Raise a red solo cup to the new redneck queen Payton Howie. Though musically diverse, with songs ranging from the military to boys, one thing remains the same – her backwoods bathed vocals and rowdy spirit are infectious. Her newest single “Never Go Home” is a party anthem and “smells like teen spirit,” as Howie sings “the party don’t stop if we never go home.”

“I want ‘Never Go Home’ to be one of those songs that reminds people that life is meant to be lived,” says Howie. “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.”

She might be young, but wiser words have never been spoken. The singer-songwriter is slated to release a music video for the track later this month; but until then, it is available for streaming on all digital platforms! Listen on YouTube here: youtu.be/Tzt_kY-oJOE

For more on Payton Howie, visit www.paytonhowie.com and follow @paytonhowiemusic on Instagram, Tik-Tok and Facebook.

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