Public Radio – Cutesy Emo-Pop

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Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
EMO-TRONIC!!! Very cute, overly sappy top-40 Emo Pop. 
Biography: At first listen, PUBLIC RADIO is intriguing. Then, riveting. Soon, addictive. A dizzying collection of electronicbeats, pop hooks and highly emotive vocals, their Deep Elm Records debut SWEETCHILD is pure,
unadulterated “emotronic” if you will. It’s a reflection on contemporary emotional life that will be applauded not
only for the sheer strength of its songs, but also for the striking harmony of its individual parts. Lead singer and
songwriter Mark Mathis’ voice blends with the subtle electro arrangements so pleasantly, it’s almost as if these
songs found him.

On a mission to make a difference, PUBLIC RADIO forges songs that are inspiring for personal and social
change. Mathis adds “The thing that I love about this album is that it’s aggressive, but it will still make you cry. I
still feel inspired when I listen to it. The album isn’t necessarily anti-establishment, but the undertone of
Sweetchild is one of resistance to the norm. Music shouldn’t be treated like a commodity, which is often the
case these days. It should regarded as a driving force of social change.” A perfect balance of raw energy, crafty
songwriting and lyrical sincerity, this powerful debut will keep your ears dancing from start to finish.

“This Charlotte outfit has really come into its own of late with material that features electronic-rock hooks (think
The Postal Service) and winking lyrical nods to R.E.M., U2 and Coldplay.” – Charlotte Observer

PUBLIC RADIO is Mark Mathis (vocals, guitar), Jessie Mathis (vocals, synth), Luke Hill (drums, founding
member of Paper Tongues), Jeremy Smith (bass) and Matt Podesla (lead guitar). Sweetchild was recorded and
mixed in Regensburg, Germany. Produced by Nicolas Balachandran (Paper Tongues) and Mark Mathis. Mixed
by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra). The band resides in Charlotte, NC.

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