Ora Nadrich Releases “Time to Awaken”

“‘As your vibration rises, forces will come to work against you. They are afraid of your power. Your spiritual awakening scares the sleepers’,” Ora Nadrich cites from an unknown source at the beginning of her new book. Then she quotes Orwell: “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.” Fitting for a book titled Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness.

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 True to this articulation and form, Nadrich then writes: “Whether you followed the science, or never believed in it for one minute, it’s very important for us to reflect on one of the most difficult, and challenging times we’ve ever gone through, and ask ourselves very important questions about what we’re being told, and even mandated to do.

Even though we’re not in lockdown anymore (that could change), there are still many things happening that we must be very aware of…” Opening the book with a passage about Covid-19 is shrewd on Nadrich’s part. No matter what side of the Covid debate one happens to be on, it is a unifying issue in and of itself to introduce – particularly as it shattered many people of many stripes’ sense of cohesion, continuity, and expectation. “Here’s what I want you to know.

Each one of us can awaken more, and if you’re someone who feels that you weren’t as awake and aware as you thought you were over the last few years, you are not alone,” Nadrich writes, in aforementioned thought. “There are millions of people who went along with what they were told because they felt that they were doing the right thing, and I understand that. When you fear that you are facing a virus that can kill you, you can resort to all sorts of things that you think can help prevent that from happening…The path of awakening is, as Victor Shamas says, something ‘we are all equally capable of’ but not if we don’t view each other as equal, and having a right to decide what is best for us. That cannot be determined by someone else, or an authority figure that we perceive as more powerful than us.

We are powerful. And, we are free to determine that we are powerful without the control of others who claim they are more powerful under the guise of having authority over us. No one has agency over us, unless we allow them to.”

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She adds: “It’s curious why there are people who naturally gravitate towards a more spiritual, meaningful existence; and value learning and evolving on the life journey, and those that are more ego driven, and focus on materialism rather than spirituality. Spirituality involves exploring important themes like life and death, which some people are not comfortable looking at closely, and prefer avoiding those deeper subjects, as much as they can.

If one has a true desire to grow, examining the more profound, existential topics of life is something that must be explored to come to know who we are beyond just our human, sensory experiences.”

Clay Burton