Hi Linda! Thank you for taking time to interview with us! We are SO excited about your new single My Grown Up Christmas List! 

Thank you!

So we could really use the holiday spirit to end this year. What made you want to record the song?

I fell in love with “ My Grownup Christmas List” when I heard Amy Grant sing it. David Foster who I am a big fan of wrote it.The lyrics of the song are the same lyrics of my heart for Christmas around the world. We need those wishes now more than ever. For me they have become prayers.  My hope is it will inspire everyone to help others have a joyful Christmas.

We love Christmas! Was recording the holiday single as fun as we’d imagine?

It was very rewarding from the start. We had a fantastic arranger and keyboard player Bill Cantos arranged and recorded it along with some great players. It was exciting to move into more of a jazz vibe and to sing with the band as we recorded. The flugelhorn addition added a wonderful dimension and I knew we had something special when our nephew who is studying at Berkeley in Boston arranged and played on the strings. I am very happy with it!

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when recreating the Amy Grant tune? 

I didn’t recreate the Amy Grant tune, I recorded my own interpretation of the melody and lyrics. Amy Grant inspired me to do it my way.

How was your show at The Vibrato!  

It was fantastic!

What will be the most exciting part of releasing the track? 

Getting people all over the world that have loved my hits to hear this new song. I really loved debuting at my concert at Herb Alberts beautiful club Vibrato. The crowd loved it and I did too.

What is a goal you’ve set for yourself to close out the upcoming year?  

We are passing out 500 turkeys to people in need, wanting the single to be heard around the world and to spend time with my family at Christmas.

When can our audience go to listen to My Grown up Christmas List

It drops on November 19 but everyone can get the pre-sale now.

How do they stay up to date with everything you have coming up because we’re obsessed!!  

I would love for people to follow me on IG, FB and Tik Tok and be a part of all I am doing and recording.

End of Interview