Multi-Genre Sensation Sik Skillz Releases A New Pop Single and Album

Sik Skillz, aka Ruell Banksingh, introduces a captivating album and a single from 2020, titled ‘You and I’. The music is available to enjoy on Sik Skillz’s official website and all music streaming platforms.

Sik Skillz, a multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer, unveils a new album in November. The album titled ‘Pop Music Album: Sik Trending Song’ is a compilation of Sik Skillz’s popular songs. The album features Sik’s most streamed and favorite songs on the music streaming platforms. One of the songs titled ‘You and I’ is taken from the 2020 single. ‘You and I” is Sik’s favorite track and the most streamed from this newly released album. The song provides stunning and sensual music composition and great lyrics. “I’m proud to introduce my new compilation album called ‘Sik Trending Song’. The songs are a compilation of my top pop music and the most streamed tracks of all time.” Said Sik Skillz

The new album ‘Pop Music Album: Sik Trending Song’ consists of nine Sik’s pop/EDM tracks. They include; ‘How I Feel’, ‘You and I’, ‘My Love is Real’, ‘I Knew You Were The One’, ‘I Love Your Love’, ‘My Senorita’, ‘Break Dance (Hella Hella Sik Skillz)’, ‘Rock Girls Anthem’, ‘Country Boots & Country Songs’. Some of them are popular songs streamed over 300K on Spotify. This Sik’s music compilation will take fans ready to chill with an amazing musical mix and enthralling lyrics.

‘You and I’ single link:
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In 2021 Sik Skillz released three albums, singles, and an EP. The albums include; ‘Electronic Skillz’,’ Sik Trending Songs’, and ’Di Avino Chini Strings’. Following those amazing albums, there are two singles titled ‘Mi Amor Es Real’ and ‘Sabia que tu eras el indicado’. Moreover, Sik Skillz has released a fascinating Latin songs compilation on EP titled ‘Sik Latin Songz’. The songs in this EP include ‘Como Mi Siento’, ‘Tu y Yo’, ‘Mi Amor Es Real’, ‘Amo Tu Amor’,’Mi Señorita’, and ‘Sabia que tu eras el indicado’.

About Sik Skillz
Sik Skillz, aka Ruell Banksingh, is a South Florida singer-songwriter and music producer. He writes songs from various genres like Reggae, Reggaeton, HipHop, Rap, Dance music, and more. Sik Skillz’s songs are available on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon Music, and more.
For more information about Ruell Banksingh, aka Sik Skillz, please visit Sik Skillz’s official website or Instagram profile at

Email: Phone: 954-479-2967
Address: 515 E Las Olas Blvd, ste 120, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, 33301

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