Mr. Al Pete, An American DJ, and Podcaster Introduces The Tables Might Wobble Season One Podcast

The Tables Might Wobble podcast is The MPN Network’s original miniseries featuring interesting topics of the world of DJing. Mr. Al Pete is a Hip Hop artist, DJ, journalist and the founder of the MPN Network, based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Wayne Peterson, aka Mr. Al Pete, introduces The Tables Might Wobble podcast, featuring enticing discussion about the world of Disc Jockey or better known as DJ. On the podcast, Mr. Al Pete takes listeners into the world of DJs, their role in the entertainment industry, practice, and more.
“This podcast will give you a better understanding of the scope of a professional DJ’s work. You will find many interesting topics there. In the first season of the podcast, there are five local DJs and a program director who share their personal experiences of running a business while balancing their creativity,” said Mr. Al Pete.

Mr. Al Pete is a professional DJ and Hip hop artist with numerous successful Hip Hop albums and has DJed for multiple companies, including Florida Blue, The Black Expo, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the ABA basketball team, Jacksonville Giants. Pete has provided freelance work for local publishing companies, including Folio Weekly, Void Magazine, and Jacksonville Music Experience. In addition, Pete also hosts two personal podcasts, ’Clear Visions’ and ‘The Groove Suite Podcast,’ under his company umbrella. This podcast network hosts more than ten shows ranging from music, sports, mental health, and sisterhood.

In addition to his interest in journalism, Pete has had the opportunity to intern with the Jacksonville, Florida-based WJCT Media while attending Florida State College in Jacksonville. At that time, he was a contributor to the podcast team, helping producer, engineer, and curate two successful podcasts: ‘Odd Ball’ and ‘What It’s Like.’

About Mr. Al Pete
Wayne Peterson, also known as Mr. Al Pete, is a multi-talented artist. He is a professional DJ with multiple successful albums, a Hip-hop artist, songwriter, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Pete is the founder of the MPN Network and received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media in May 2020. Pete’s new podcast titled The Tables Might Wobble has been running since January 2022. This podcast showcases the space that the DJ frequently occupies, in which people know a DJ just as a person who plays music and makes everyone dance. This podcast interviews professionals in the music industry, including DJs, club owners, promoters, program directors, and more. For more information about the podcast, please visit

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The Tables Might Wobble Podcast

The MPN Network original miniseries show that takes listeners into the world of DJing. Mr. Al Pete analyzes various DJs work ethics, how they survive in this new world, the glories and the misconceptions they’re faced with, and much more.