Michael Dolan Exits Music Connection

After 33 years of nurturing Music Connection magazine and its websites to become the most beloved musicians trade resources in the industry, Michael Dolan has stepped down as president of the company and resigned his post as co-publisher/executive editor.

The MC co-founder has sold his half of the company to business partner Eric Bettelli, who will assume the mantle of CEO effective immediately. “Make no mistake,” quipped Dolan, “I’ve reached this decision with a genuine sense of peace and gratitude, and EB and I remain best of friends-more like real brothers. Plus, I feel confident that I’m leaving the company with an impeccable reputation of integrity and service to the music community, a variety of outstanding products to offer musicians and a super talented and committed staff of great individuals committed to supporting Eric and sustaining MC for years to come.”

New Music Connection CEO, Eric Bettelli, concurs, “Throughout the years Michael and I have had a unique working relationship, one that has helped us to weather any storm that the business has sent our way. Our parting as business associates comes at a time when the company is on solid ground, ready to make the most of whatever the future brings.”

The exiting Dolan says he is looking forward to some well-earned time off, more time with his wife Nancy, and especially to new challenges. He is already in the process of creating a new company to help others solve their problems. The firm is called The Probity Group, a creative “think tank” specializing in innovative solutions to impossible challenges. “It’s a consulting/coaching company,” Dolan explains, “that draws upon the brainpower, practical experience and intellectual leadership of an awesome staff of committed problem solvers in order to accelerate extraordinary results and arrive at exceptional solutions.”

Summing up his three decades at the helm of Music Connection, Dolan concluded, “I’m very proud of the fact that Music Connection truly makes a difference in the lives and careers of thousands of musicians and music people all over the world.”

For complete details see the current issue of Music Connection magazine, or read Michael Dolan’s blog:www.probitypost.com.

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