Mia Laren’s New Single “Careful” Takes Listeners on an Emotional Journey of Revenge

Baltimore’s music scene just got hotter with the release of Mia Laren’s new single, “Careful.” The singer, songwriter, and producer pulls no punches as she shares a deeply personal experience of being hurt by someone she thought she knew.

The song’s lyrics are dark and haunting, depicting the pain of discovering someone’s true colors and the desire for revenge. Mia’s voice is raw and emotional, leaving listeners feeling every word she sings. The catchy chorus, ” you should have known better,” will stay in your head long after the song has ended.

With “Careful,” Mia Laren delivers a powerful message about being cautious of those we let into our lives. Her artistry shines through as she masterfully blends different musical genres, resulting in a sound that is both edgy and captivating. The beat, which is a blend of reggaeton and other genres, adds a unique flair to the song.

Don’t miss out on this must-hear single. Stream “Careful” now on your favorite music platform, and visit Mia Laren’s official website for more information – www.mialaren.com

Watch the official music video – youtu.be/rYmEnZL1u9Q

Mia Laren