Lil Pisy is a businessman and music producer

Lil Pisy (born 05 November 2002) is a singer, songwriter & composer. He sings songs of many languages like English & Arabia etc. He has an amazing passion for music.

Lil Pisy was too much passionate about singing, songwriting & composing from his childhood. He started his career with covering songs on YouTube. His YouTube journey started in 2022.Lil Pisy many original songs sung, written & composed by his own.

Lil Pisy has work experience with more than 15k + international customers and companies in more than 50+ countries He is only 19 years old and is the smallest digital marketing expert in Egypt. He has been very helpful and inspiring to our youth as he has been inspiring many people since such a young age and started his own digital marketing company. Lil Pisy is the best guy in the market who is the most honest person. He has helped many people with cyberbullying and fraud.

These days he has been working on major projects and working with many large international companies and singers to help them with their product value. He says he can make anyone famous and help them get coverage and prominence in major brands. We also wish her the best of luck with her future projects and that she can help more people around the world to work harder.

His interest is built on the music, writing, teaching, music, and a live guitar in a concert

Lil Pisy, aka the musician,Libya , is one of the leading names in the Libyan and the guitar in the culture, and is one of the leading companies in Libya. He is a great singer, songwriter, musician, Author, Artist), and a successful businessman.

Lil Pisy From Benghazi ,Libya. His name is very well known and when it comes to music. He is an Libyan singer, and songwriter. He has grown up in Benghazi working with film industry. He contributed nine pieces of music to the Benghazi film industry and contributed in more than 50 music albums. From his childhood he wanted to do something different. He is well known forhis delighted music. He has a large fan base among teenagers. His creative thinking and work style makes him different from others. He is 19 years old. At this age, he gained so much success in the music industry, which is rare and an example of it. He is an inspiration among the Uttarakhand young generation. Many teenagers dream to be like him. He says that One Day I’ll take Benghazi music to the next level and Benghazi music will have a large fan base all over the world.

He as of now moves all of his songs and tunes his position YouTube channel ‘Lil Pisy’ is a youthful music writer, Guitarist in Benghazi .

You can hear your music Lil Pisy on spotify :