Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration by Jill Ratliff

Results-driven leaders need the practical tools shared in Jill Ratliff’s book, Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration. This book offers dynamic and specific steps to put you on the right track if you’re looking up the corporate ladder. You don’t have to wait until they “find you”. With these powerful and practical tools, you’ll be attracting the top job offers in no time at all.

Jill’s story was so compelling, emotional, and well told, that it benefitted the narrative of her book. With that kind of foundation, you either dive into failure after failure, or you step up and take on leadership roles to help others out of the pit. No surprise here, Jill stepped up.

Her story, along with the practical tools she details throughout the book will help anyone who has a determined interest in moving forward with a successful career. She teaches you how to collaborate with others and build those trusting relationships that move you forward.

I was impressed by the short narrative. Ratliff used precise, well worded sub-headers and plenty of outside quotes, so you didn’t get stuck in the mire of “what am I reading now” you could put the book down and come back and find your spot if you needed to. And it’ll be a cinch to use this book as a jumping off, or reference point, later on as I’m applying the principles she put in these pages.

The framework she pulled out of her life lesson to include leadership qualities I admire, like kindness, self-control, joy, staying focused on the outcome, and meeting the challenges as they come your way were particularly helpful. I admire anyone who can bring life success down to basic elements and put it into perspective.

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It’s hard to overcome the struggles of life and still find some dynamic success. Everyone has their problem, their story, and their own challenges. I like that she didn’t make that the center pivot of the whole book – but instead pointed everyone in the direction of keeping it simple, staying focused, and keeping your eye on the outcome.

Ratliff offered a great way to define success! The realization that leaders are a necessary part of any success, and being THE leader puts you in the driver’s seat was pragmatic, at the very least. I found her distinctive way of driving leadership to the big finale to be the real game changer. She gets it. She understands that truth, being able to trust others, and building the relationships so you CAN collaborate as you lead through your career is important.

Her dissection of having a plan, and what part of it you’ll actually use was immensely helpful too. Seriously, when you’re faced with a crisis, do you really follow the plan? Few of us do. Generally we wing it. And she offered a recommendation to know the plan so well that if you did wing it – you were winging the plan!

Great read. I recommend it!

by John David, posted by Clay Burton