Lancaster, Pa based rock group, Suburban Sound, releases face melting rock and roll album “Warship Music”

Lancaster, Pa based rock group, Suburban Sound, releases face-melting rock and roll album “Warship Music”

After 8 long-awaited years in the making, “Warship Music” is Suburban Sound’s 1st studio album. Independently released by the group, the album contains an aggressive collection of songs, capturing a new sound for hard rock enthusiasts.

Never afraid to write about the struggle of life, Warship Music tackles changeling subject matter, confronting the trappings of this world and the fight of the soul.

Recorded in a private studio on the outskirts of Lititz, Pa, the style borrows from classic rock and metal influences with the backdrop of their punk rock roots.

Regarding the history of the album the band states: “In 2011, we as a band decided to do something we’ve never done before-record a full-length album. We knew when we decided to do this that it would be an extremely long process, but that was okay. We felt ready to hunker down in an old barn that was converted into a studio for a while.

We met about one night a week for a few hours to track. It took almost a year just to track Pete’s drums. The bass was recorded and re-recorded at least 3 times until we got the sound we liked. We played around with many vocal ideas, almost all the horn lines were rewritten, but we were moving at a pace that pleased us. We played a few shows here and there, but in many ways, being in the studio was like a vacation for us.

But in April of 2014, our vacation came to an end when our drummer for 17 years, Peter, died very suddenly from natural causes. The Suburban Sound had always been a resilient monster. We’ve always been able to adapt and bounce back from whatever was thrown at us. But there is no bouncing back from this. Peter was our drummer from day one. He was our friend. He was our brother. The studio became a shrine for the one we loved and missed so dearly. The studio was the last place we ever saw him alive and breathing. His drums are still sitting there. His fingerprints are still on the cymbals, broken sticks and sweat rags still liter the floor. An empty soda bottle lays beside his kick drum. Finishing this album became a dark and joyless task for a long time.

At some point, though, the joy returned. It’s not that we “got over” Pete’s death. CS Lewis described living with grief as living like an amputee who has to live the rest of his life without his arm. I think all of us would say that, to some extent, we feel as if we’ve had our arm cut off. But joy did return to our hearts. Memories of Pete began to put smiles on our faces, along with tears in our eyes. The album became a monument to our time with Peter and a scrapbook of 17 years’ worth of memories.”

“You never replace someone like Pete. But we’re proud of this record. We’re proud of our history. We’re happy for the almost two decades we’ve had as a band, and we hope that you enjoy this record and listen to it in memory of Peter. “

“Warship Music” is available now online where music is sold.

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