“Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” by Juewett Bostick

Musician, guitarist & composer, Juewett Bostick’s latest album Shades Of Blu. SOB is a natural evolution of multiple converging forces. It has been described by Juewett himself: “The times we’re in, the technology at our disposal and a life-long association with dedicated musicians, passionate signers and great artists. The projects genesis is Soul Jazz. This is the time when Jazz musicians were dipping into R&B, but firmly attached to Be Bop.“ And the short list of artists who’ve pulled off such musical integration were people like The Jazz Messengers and pioneers such as the great Jimmy Smith and Art Blakey’s of the world.

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Bostick likes to “cleanly integrate the music and the spirit from this era into today’s creative mix.” And the track “Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” is currently getting attention for doing exactly that, as the rest of the music on the album succeeds in doing as well. This track is rich with quality musicianship and second to none vocals which carry the subject matter of the ingredients thrown together to make it stick and stick it does. There is absolutely no question about the professionalism and choices behind “Sound & Rhythm – Prelude.” This is music done right by every means.

The backing track has such a laid back groove it could be as good as an instrumental piece, had it been left that way, however it is topped off with the utmost eloquent jazz singing and saxophone which lightly spars with Bostick’s understated but very important key lead guitar parts that blend with the mixture, rather than dominate the arrangement. The consensus of jazz and blues lovers would buy this in a heartbeat. Being one myself I can say that with complete confidence to the masses, so if that directs a few ears his way, then mission accomplished.

As far as what I like most about “Sound & Rhythm Prelude” goes, it’s all down to the seamless efforts everyone made on it to bring old and new sounds together without skipping a beat in the process. It takes a certain chemistry to pull that off without winding up with just a big jam session instead of a song. The only way that can come easy is by playing with such well-seasoned pros, as they clearly are, with everyone responding to each piece of music as they hear it. You don’t get that improvisational vibe often enough in the studio, which helps give it a live-sounding feel.

I wouldn’t change I thing I’m doing if I were Juewett Bostick, and those words go a long way for any critic to be rating music, it’s a product good for every last note of this song and its surrounding cuts on an album that must be heard if you’re into soulful blues, jazz and the funkiest forms of unapologetic R&B. The substance to be heard doesn’t come around often enough, especially with so many styles behind it. But if you listen to “Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” that is exactly what you get, and luckily there’s much more where it came from to enjoy.

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Clay Burton

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