Releases the Most Advanced Tracking Software for iTunes Songs and Albums Downloadable Sales debuts its Top 400 iTunes Chart and ability to track any song or album digitally downloaded from iTunes

MIAMI, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – was developed to cater to consumers of the music industry and advertising and marketing firms. With its efficiency to chart your artist’s music beyond the top 100 songs, tracking your artist’s iTunes sales couldn’t be any easier. rises above the norm “top 100 songs” and introduces to the public the first ever charted Top 400 iTunes songs. This makes it possible for record labels and independent artists everywhere to keep track of their song’s or album’s progress through live time data provided straight from Apple iTunes. “Although launching this website became quite overwhelming, it is said to be a very valuable and highly appreciated tool for marketing, and music industry experts,” stated Roger Singh  (President of As a result of curiosity and research, one long year of writing the software, and six months of beta testing, was established.

Singh explained that your song or album could have made it on the iTunes top 100 charts for one second and then the next second, it could be gone, and you would have never known. This was looked at as a huge problem for many marketing firms, and labels when investing in artists and their music. “Not knowing whether your artist actually has what it takes to make it on the top 100 is one thing, but not knowing that your artist has actually been charted is a whole different thing,” Singh said. You will have 24/7 live access to the top 400 songs on iTunes and the convenience of watching your artist climb up the ladder towards the iTunes Top 100. is making a positive impact on the music industry that will later become the number one tool for music marketing.

Another unique feature that offers is that they are the only company that will track your song and or album for as long as you want and immediately inform you when your song or album has been charted. From prices as low as $75 a month, you can keep track of your song’s last 10 positions on the top 400 chart and much more. Many musicians would love to know just how close they are to reaching the iTunes top 100 chart, and was developed to fill that void. This is not only looked at as a business marketing tool for record labels, but it’s also a motivational marketing tool for the artist themselves. The prepositional and technological perspective of this tool is what perfectly distinguishes it from any other iTunes chart in the music world. What more could the music industry ask for? With iTunes Top 100 charts being so popular why wouldn’t you want to know if your song was close to making it big time, or if it will be on the top 100 tomorrow? is working to become the foundation for the hit songs everywhere. This is a call to action to record labels, artists, and music representatives all over to take advantage of such a great opportunity. Track your song, watch yourself progress, become a member of!

To become a member and learn more about visit their website,, or contact Roger Singh at (813)-413-5209 or email them at is not affiliated with Apple Inc. or iTunes.