Interview with Todd Berry

How long have you been making music and how did you get started?
For 21 years. Born blind at birth I had to overcome this physical handicap to do what I love. I started at the age of 9 when my mom encouraged me to do an Elvis impersonation at a local nursing home. Everybody was really excited and the nursing home re-invited me back with pay. That continue for 5 years and it was then that I got involved in other types of music. Later my show expanded to included top 40 country, rock, r&b, blues and gospel.

Who are the other members of your band?
My bands name is When Rock Met Country and it includes Jim Felter, lead guitar; Marin Neilson, bass; Bill Borway, and Brian Vanderpool on drums.

What genre of music do you usually perform?
We perform Country, Country Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, and some Blues at all concerts and gigs. Our show is high energy mixed with emotion using top 40 music from all genres covering the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Who has been your inspiration?
Usually experiences from the past and present, some by outside influences such as current events, suggestions from other people or dreams.

What inspired you to write your last song, The World
I’m currently producing a hip hop/rap singer that is a refugee from Africa and I suggested to him that we needed a song to the world. World rights, wrongs, needs and desires.

What are some of the new things that are going on?
We are currently being promoted by my label Spotlight Records to both radio and booking agents this year. We released a EP of 4 songs in 2009 and we will finish my debut CD next year. Always working on new stuff; writing new songs, getting tight with my band, finishing up shows already scheduled, booking for next year and rehearsing the songs that we will record next year.

Where are some of the places that you have been playing?
My biggest show last year as the main act was for the Defiance County Fair in Hicksville, Ohio. We also performed at several other fairs and festivals. I did a songwriters showcase at the Nashville Palace in Nashville, Tennessee last month. Last August I was invited to visit with a Sony Records A&R which included a meeting with legendary country producer Larry Butler.

Where can people learn more about you? What’s your web site? Please check out Access Entertainment Group at or join my myspace and become a friend at

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