Interview with Elmo Kirkwood of Kirkwood Dellinger

Interview by Phil Peretz, Indie Artists Alliance and Indie4Life

Elmo, thank you for taking the time to talk with me, you seem to be an innovative and interesting guy…tell us how long you’ve been making music.
Well, I’d tell you I’ve been making music my whole life.. but a trained ear might tell you that i started to focus on writing songs around age 14-15 after a couple years of guitar tutorials. After this I formed a hardcore band and did my best poison my suburban surroundings.

Who else is in the band?
My partner in crime is Brian Dellinger, hence our name.  We also consist of Mr. Brian Boyer and Mr.
Ken Ezell.  We recently lost Ms. Chelsea Dellinger as she has gone the way of the buffalo.  So, our 5 have become 4.

What genre of music do you usually perform?
For purposes of common association you could say we play alternative rock music with an experimental edge mixed with world and psychedlic music.  But then you’llhear the hip hop R&B influence and realize that classifying us is a tall order.

Okay…in plain English, how would you describe your music?
Think of drinking a bunch of cough syrup then simultaneously listening to Deltron 3030 along side Yes’s Close to the Edge and Rubber Soul. 

Cool, clear as mud, Elmo…where do you get your inspiration.
Not who, but what… and that is a little stinky green plant we all love.. Mint!

Yeah, I’m always afraid of asking that question (laughter). So, what was the name of the last song that you wrote?
The last song I wrote is called “The Dancer”.. I wanted to pick the sort of title that I thought Springstein would have chose.. far more substance that the title lends to your believing..

What’s the song about?
The song is about another musician around town…Pheonix, and his abilitly to move better than he grooves..  Actually a love song.. if you consider backhanded shit talking love.

My favorite kind of love, really. So what else is going on with you guys?
We are about to hit the studio and record what we consider to be our first proper release.. This will be put out by DC-Jam records who we recently signed with.. Touring and such is on the horizon as well..

We are constantly writing new material. We have enough material for a couple or few albums.. Also we are working on finding some new blood as per the recent departure of our beloved Chels Dellinger…

Oh yeah, the way of the Buffalo. So…where are you playing?
Our favorite local spot is the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe Arizona.. We have also been making the
trek over to California pretty frequently.. Our last shows were in Santa Barbara and Long Beach.

Where can people learn more about you?
You can find us at Also you can check out

Any words of wisdom?
If you’re into it for real people will respond to what you do.. and if they don’t, then screw it.. do whatever you want..  This thing is magical and its whatever you want it to be.

Elmo, I have really enjoyed this…is there anything else before we wrap it up?
Yes.  Keep this in mind.  The very subjective nature of interpretation regarding responses to interviews might lend to some over analytical assumptions… But remember.. The vengful eye of the lord is aimed right at you. All the time.

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