Interview: Kendra and the Bunnies

Hey Kendra! Thank you for taking time to chat with us today. Fill us in on all things in Kendra’s world!

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview today! It’s a fantastical world; are you ready? Kendra’s world right now is full of bunnies, melodies, and grammatical decision-making processes. I am in the process of releasing my third album, single by single, as well as, writing my third book, which is a novel-memoir. For February 2020, I’m gearing up to travel from Los Angeles to Portland to Denver to Pennsylvania for my Winter “Silent Sleeper” Single Release Tour. The tour culminates at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA where I will play two showcases. Additionally, my well-regraded pop track, “Speak Kesey” will be featured on the conference’s curated compilation album. Following this, March and April are all about expanding my reach further by performing throughout NorCal and the SoCal area.

We are so excited that you not only have a new single coming out called Silent Sleeper, but big things happening. How did you decide you would release this as a single?

My first two musical releases were my debut album, “of Vinyl”, and the EP, “of Always” that followed. For “of Vinyl”, I decided it would be cool to release the full body of material at once; it was my way of ‘making a strong entrance’ into the music industry. The album has a story-arc to it, which I speculated would spark a lot of interest and questions from listeners. I heard a few inquiries of, “Who is your secret lover?” / “Do I know him?” Remaining a secret, I introduced that love as my muse through the EP, “of Always”. The EP is an adjoining call-in-response to the first album, showcasing a more folk-driven side to my playing. “Silent Sleeper” comes off my third album titled, “of Thank You”. It is the first single from its album. Turns out, I vibe very much with the muse being Myself, Emotional-Depth, and Suggested-Freedom in our Country/The U.S. — So that’s what “of Thank You” speaks on… who are we in the face of opposition and do we see the strings that pull?

Do you get nervous before you put new material out into the world or is it more exiting to you?

It’s exciting… Even though I have a big smile and blonde hair, it feels like I have always been an outsider. It’s just the way my mind operates; I am an observer. This being said, I grew accustomed to baring my soul in high school as I started submitting my poetry to my school’s annual literary magazine. My personality on display, I was actually selected to read a really hearty piece titled, “October”, my sophomore year in front of the whole student body. That’s when I decided, sharing this message about the intricate inner-workings of reality (as I see it) is important. Sharing one’s perspective authentically is important.

Please tell us – do you have plans for an EP or album in 2020? We want the full scoop!

For sure! I am currently in the process of recording “of Thank You”, the album that “Silent Sleeper” is on. It is a full length work offering 16 tracks, including a spoken word element. Following that is another full length album that has already been written titled, “of Consideration”. It is looking to house 13 tracks, including a spoken word element as well. I am full of poetry and melodies. Similar to Syd Barrett saying, “I am full of dust and guitars.”

Okay, something fun – what is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet right now?

I will list 3: Grateful Dead Sunshine Daydream Sweatshirt, Planet Blue Burgundy Tie Dye Velvet Bell-Bottoms, For Love & Lemons Blue Roses Silver Skirt & Top Set.

How important is it to you that you write your own music?

As a writer, it’s right there in my bones. When I sing something that I penned, it connects all these rotating facets into the now. There’s inspiration in experience and experience through follow-through.

Please share with fans where they can connect with you on social media.

Thanks for having me & thanks for reading!
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