International Alternative Rock Duo Hiding In Shadows Release Their Second Single “Crazy Stuff”

Hiding In Shadows - Crazy Stuff

Band Info:
Hiding In Shadows is an International Alternative Rock Duo from Britain and India, who have been working together for the last few years in various forms. They combine the expression and versatility of both keyboard and guitar in the production of their music. Utilizing the latest technology when developing songs and ideas enabled them to work and share projects between themselves online. Their musical roots come from a mix of Pop, Rock, Blues, RnB Soul and Metal. Their aim is to produce broad appeal music with catchy melodies, guitar riffs and killer solo’s.

Song Info:
Their latest released single and music video “Crazy Stuff” is a nostalgic generic look back at youth. Back too a time when we all felt carefree with no responsibilities and could be impulsive. It was more about the thrill of being alive than the rules and conforms of the adult world. These days pass by fast and so are often recalled through Rose Tinted Glasses.

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Hiding In Shadows – Crazy Stuff (Official Video)