Following on the heels of their first single “Cozy” The Dwindles are back with “Chance”

Following on the heels of their first single “Cozy” The Dwindles are back with “Chance”

Having recently played at the In The Soil Festival, The Niagara Arts Centre and with an upcoming show in Toronto, their first since 2019, The Dwindles are
ready to release their second single “Chance”

Stream “Chance” here:–jVp2SlE

The Dwindles (previously known as “Holodais”) are a 4 four piece troop consisting of founding members Kyle MacVicar and Stuart Smith along with Tania
Alcantar and Chase Chappell.

After moving to Canada from Mexico City with her band ‘WolfGang’ in 2020, Tania started working with The Dwindles in the late summer of 2021.

Their sound will appeal to fans of dream pop/rock music with their haunting vocals, while incorporating a heavier fuzzy garage rock motif. It is a mending of the best of both worlds.

The band (as Holodais) has tour across Ontario and Quebec. Playing with Canadian indie acts such as Men I Trust, Anemone, New Swears and Goodbye
Honolulu. Their music has been featured on a handful of radio, YouTube channels and music blogs including CILU 102.7fm, KUCR 88.3fm, Fancy
Melancholic, Indie Music Nation, Fuzzy Sun, Last Day Deaf & From The Strait.

The new single “Chance” will be out July 26 and will be accompanied with their first self-produced Music Video. The Dwindles drummer ‘Stuart Smith’ wrote the entire song and is also his vocal debut.

To support their new music The Dwindles have plan on hitting the road again playing multiple shows in Toronto at such venues as ‘The Horseshoe Tavern’
and the sci-fi theme music venue ‘See-Scape’ as well as playing in many more major cities in Ontario and Quebec.

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